Monday, 20 June 2011

Quilting Postie

The quilting Postie has struck again.  I asked Doug to come downstairs and take a picture of me quilting.  He ask if I was sure I wanted the picture taken wearing my postie uniform.  Those of you who know me will probably be impressed I had my uniform on.  Most of the time I'm quilting in my housecoat, and really, nobody needs to see that on a Blog.
I feel I am a typical quilter who just happens to have a Long Arm Machine in the basement. Whenever I get a moment I slip downstairs to do a little quilting.  Most of the time this is in between my day job and getting supper ready.  If you arrive at my house during this time, this is what you get!

The quilt I am working on is another Jelly Roll Quilt.  Linda T did a great job on this one.  One of the fabrics in the quilt had daisies on it, so that is what she ask me to quilt.  Got to love a woman who know what she wants.  We picked a bright red thread so that it would show up on the black outer border.
I struggled a little with my daisies because the fabric daisies had six petals, and I usually make five petaled daisies.  Not a big deal for non quilters, but a big deal for me.  I compromised by making some with five and some with six petal.  On this quilt I did stop for borders.  I stitched in the ditch the little black border and then placed a daisy vine in the small red border.  Before you say that daisies don't grow on vines, you have to understand that in my world they do.
Another great Jelly Roll Quilt!  Black and white and red allover.


  1. looks great Linda.....I am jealous would love to have a long arm

  2. just had a moment!! My daughter confessed a sudden overwhelming desire for something pink!! I must strike while the iron is hot!! Your daisies are perfect. I think I'll go brown and pinks as she's normally a very caramel palette gal, but a dash of hot pink would be very lively with browns. Thanks for sharing

  3. Daisies are one of those fun designs that I use over and over.

  4. Hi Linda, just found your blog from Quilter Blogs, and found this photo. I'm a postie, too, though I probably never quilt in my uniform! Love your daisies. I've done them now and again, too.