Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Afternoon Tea

As my reward for a long hard week at work, I go to Katja's for tea on Fridays.  This is my way to unwind and hopefully, be a little creative.  So even though I'm currently "Locked Out" from work, I felt that I still needed my reward.
A few of my regular quilting friends stopped in and luckily I was there to make a new quilting friend.  A man from Lilloet named Greg stopped in to pick out borders for his first quilt.  He had previously made a blanket on his old treadle machine.  He used a newly purchased Featherweight to piece together this quilt.
For a little advice he joined a quilt guild in Lilloet.  His comment about the guild was they really know how to have fun.  Greg's daughter and grand daughter came along for support and advice and were very proud of his new hobby (obsession.)
Greg's new quilting friends had explained sashing, cornerstones, borders and binding, so Greg was ready to do a little retail therapy.  With the help of Katja borders were picked out and Greg happily headed home to finish his quilt.
Sonja, Sharon and I were all content to sip our tea, do a little work and just enjoy the atmosphere that quilt shops provide.

1 comment:

  1. Greg did an amazing job on this, his first quilt!
    We had fun and were creative as well!