Monday 1 April 2019

April Rivervalley Block of the Month

This month's block is brought to us by Carol.  Carol wants everyone to let their creativity take over so that they can make a unique block.

To start, pick a background fabric and cut a 13 inch square.  After your appliqué is done, you can trim it to 12 1/2.

Decide how many and what size you want your circles to be.  Audition circles by using a paper pattern.

I decided to use some acrylic templates I had instead of paper.

Appliqué your circles by any method you prefer.

I fused my circles in place.  As you can see, I changed my mind on the smaller circle size and varied the placement a bit.

Paulette is still trying to decide which placement she prefers.  The strip on the background fabric is made up with circles.  She has taken circles to the extreme.

I can hardly wait to see what Carol has come up with!  Have fun everyone.