Friday 30 May 2014

Mill Book Series Quilt

My latest quilt is a kit from Moda called the Mill Book Series (Circa 1852.)  I love the rich reds and browns in this line of fabric!

The quilt finished at 77" x 92" so it is a nice bed size.  Before I even started this one I had a request from a friend that this be his quilt.  This friend is in the quilt business, and he said it is the first quilt he had ever saw that he really liked and wanted to have.  I'm glad that it will be appreciated when it goes off to it's new home.

This friend wanted Fireside on the back.  It was my first time piecing Fireside and I was pleased with the result.  This is going to be a very warm quilt.

Not a great picture of the quilting, but the best that I could do at the time.  I found it a little tricky to quilt with the extra wide stretchy fabric on the back, but was happy with the results in the end.

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Tuesday 27 May 2014

I'm Home……...

From a wonderful holiday with my Mom.  We took a lovely tour with Trafalgar called Britain and Ireland Highlights.  A fast paced journey through the British Isles.

As all quilters are, I was on the lookout for quilts everywhere I went.  I found this display at the info centre of the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland.

The Wheel was amazing as well!  Lol.

I did find a quilt store in Stratford Upon Avon with very limited fabric selection. A knitting book at a yarn store in York called my name, and then….

Liberty of London was the last quilt related stop.  The store itself is amazing.  It was conveniently located half way between Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.  (Well, at least in my world it was convenient.)  I did buy a half metre at Liberty, but the price was staggering!

Now it's home and back to reality.  I went to the local Guild meeting last night and there was a request for quits to give to children in care of the Ministry of Social Services.  The Guild has supported this cause for many years, and had fallen short of their goal.  I dug through my pile of quilts waiting for a home and came up with these three that I think will be suitable for children.  They will be off shortly to their new homes!

Saturday 17 May 2014

Spring in the Grasslands

Kamlooops is well known for its grassland areas.  The ranchers have used the hills for grazing their cattle for years.  It's something we all take for granted.  However, I recently went for a hike in the Lac du Bois area with my group of Postie friends.  The scenery was stunning.

The fields are alive with wildflowers hidden amongst the grass.  One of my favourite areas to hike in.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

More LOL!

I just finished up this little cute quilt using LOL!  The pattern is from this tutorial.  I was asked to make a quilt using the fabric, and it was my choice as to what pattern, how sweet is that!

Since this was all about the fabric, I kept the quilting quite simple.

It added a little colour to the spring blossoms on the cherry tree in the front yard.

Thursday 8 May 2014

Playing in Valemount

The women in Valemount had me up recently to teach a class using the Tri-Recs and Easy Angle Rulers.  We all had a lot of fun playing with their fabrics.

Pat and Don were fabulous hosts in the evening.  The view out their front window is one of the best I've ever seen.

Looking out over the flat to the mountains just a short distance away.

While I was there it did snow a little.  The mountain that was in view from the hall we were working in, had a fresh dusting.  It took my breath away.

Friday 2 May 2014

A LOL Finish!

I just love the LOL fabric by Me and My Sister.  It is available as pre cuts right now, and will be available as yardage later this summer.  I have been playing with a fat quarter pack and this is one of the quilts I came up with.

I just couldn't resist taking it's picture on the fence with the neighbours Saskatoon bush blooming in the background.

To make the quilt I cut 2 1/2" squares of LOL and 2 1/2" squares and strips of white.

I started with the square in the centre, and placed white strips around it.

The next round alternated LOL squares with white squares.  I place LOL in the corners.

Add a round of white 2 1/2" strips.  Carry on in this manner till it's as big as you like.  I stopped at 38" square, as I thought that would be a nice baby size.

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Thursday 1 May 2014

You've Got Nice Curves!

That was the comment from one of the participants in last weekend's Curved Piecing workshop.  Thanks to the Sagebrush Quilters' Guild for hosting, and thanks to the adventuresome women who signed up.

Willing to work outside the box, the women came up with some great ideas using free form curved piecing.

I did miss getting pictures of a few of the blocks!  I can hardly wait to see these blocks finished as quilts.