Wednesday 20 July 2016

Self Binding Lap Blanket

Barb has come up with the perfect solution to making a quick project through the busy sumner.

We have all seen the self binding baby blanket.  Why not use the same technique for a cozy lap Blanket?  The rule for the blanket is no seams that can fray.  Barb appliquéd the deer onto the fabric for the top and then sewed the fabric to a complimentary Fireside fabric and now she has a blanket perfect to cuddle under.

Of course I had to go home and try this!

Fabric requirements - 1.5 m of cotton fabric for the top (60")
                                    2 m of Fireside (80" polyester microfibre fabric)
                                    Applique fabric and steam-a-seam 2
Cut the Fireside 8 1/2" bigger than the top fabric, on all four sides.  Appliqué desired design to top fabric.
Lay out your fabrics with the Fireside right side up and top fabric right side down.  Centre the top fabric on the fireside.

Fold the Fireside up so that you can pin right sides together with the top fabric.  Pin the corner at the 1/2" mark.  Pin all the way around making sure the extra fabric in the corners does not get caught in the pins.

Start sewing on a long side using a 1/2" seam. Tuck all the extra backing fabric towards the centre. Sew up to the pin at the corner and backstitch.

Pull the extra corner fabric out of the way, turn the blanket and start sewing at the corner Secure your stitches.   Stitch around leaving 8" open for turning.

To finish the corners fold the blanket at a 45 degree angle and pull the extra Fireside fabric out as shown.  Cut 1/2" from the corner sewing making sure the ruler is perpendicular to the edge of the Fireside..

Sew the 1/2" seam securing it at both ends.  Grade the outside tip slightly.  Repeat for all corners.

Turn the blanket right side out through opening and lay out checking to see you have the same amount of binding all the way around.  Pin the opening closed as well as pin the seam in place all the way around the blanket.  The seam allowance should be towards the fireside.

Stitch the seam all the way around the blanket.  I used a straight seam 1/16" in and a second seam at 1/4".  You may use a decorative stitch if you prefer.

My blanket used a single piece of Erin Michael's "Alpine" for the top and Chocolate Fireside for the back.  I can't wait to take it on my next camping trip.

Not one to stop at one, I had to make another.  I had this panel in my stash to make a quilt for my Grandson.  I turned it into a blanket in under an hour.  He loves it!

Friday 15 July 2016

The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar

It's here!  Katja's perpetual calendar has finally made it to store shelves.

Last year Katja put the call out to her friends to help with the piecing of the 366 blocks in the calendar.  Sonja (Katja's Mom) pieced over 75 per cent of the hexagons.  I pieced a few, as well as many other local quilters.  It was a large project on everyone's part and we are all proud of how it all came together.  Congratulations to Katja for another beautiful project.

I never tire of EPP!  This is the hexagon for July 15.  The "Hey Dot" fabric by Zen Chic was calling me to make this little hexie.  The scissors are the perfect centre.

I did get one row of my Row by Row blocks done.  Dancing Quilts in 100 Mile House B.C. designed this one.  It was my favourite of all that I have collected so far, so I indulged myself and did it first.

I have been struggling with the swirl feather for a while, trying to get the rhythm going.  Threaded Quilting recently put out a You Tube video available here.  She did a great job of breaking it down and with a little practice, I'm finally happy with the design.

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Friday 8 July 2016

Friday Again!

Wow, time sure flies.  It feels like it was just Christmas and here it is July already.

Today's first quilt is a fun project that a friend and I made together.

We were lucky to pick up a set of the "Me + You" pre-cut hexagons at Spring Market.  We started sewing them together as whole hexagons and weren't feeling the love.  So.... We slashed them in half, added a sashing and mixed them up a little.  In the end, we both fell in love with the quilt.  What better way to spend a day than with a friend creating something unique.

A did have a little finish of my own.

It is a Cotton + Steel bag for my Millefiore quilt to travel in up to the Sun Peaks quilt show.  The show is July 18 -20 starting at 11 am each day.  If you get a chance pop up the hill and check it out.  Millie will be there along with some fabulous quilts made by local quilters.

Doug and I have been away for a week camping in the Trail area.  We found a lovely campsite in Beaver Creek overlooking the Columbia River.  We toured through the area and discovered a few interesting sites.

I love seeing wildlife and the area did not disappoint.  Lots of deer and this scraggly little bear.

Rossland is a biker's delight.  This globe is made from bike wheels, sprockets and assorted rings.  It sits right beside the bike store which is one of the friendliest stores I've ever been in. They explained all the nearby trails so I dropped Doug off at one of them and he road down to our campsite.  He was thrilled!

I did find time to do a little EPP.

Can't show you what, as it is a secret.  More to come soon.

All holidays come to an end, so back to the grind in Kamloops.  It was a tough night last night, watching a little baseball under the lights.  If you have free time this weekend check out the KIBT tournament at Norbrock stadium.  I'm not sure who won the game between Kamloops and Burnaby last night.  We left at ten and a friend texted me at midnight, they were in the top of the thirteenth and it was still tied.  I was tempted to text her at six this morning and ask the result, but I thought that might be a little mean.  

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