Monday 3 December 2018

Rivervalley's December Block

This months block is brought to us by Judy!

The block is a modern leaf!  To make it follow along with Judy's instructions.

Make a stroppy block 1 1/2" bigger than desired finished size.  Judy made hers 4 1/2" so that the block would finish 3".  Make a second block and cut the blocks, angling in opposite directions for each block.

Sew two mirror image pieces together with a 3/4" strip of stem fabric in the middle.  Trim the block to the desired size and add connector corners of background that are finished size plus 1/2". Judy used 2" background squares for her 3" finished block.

Judy made four leaf blocks in total so that when they are pieced together they will make a 6" finished block.

Paulette's block is very elegant.

My block is a little on the bright side.  Paulette and I both used instructions available here.  It is a blog post from a few years ago, with a link within it to the original directions for the block.

Thank you to Judy for organizing and presenting this fun block for us.

Happy Quilting!