Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I'm Home……...

From a wonderful holiday with my Mom.  We took a lovely tour with Trafalgar called Britain and Ireland Highlights.  A fast paced journey through the British Isles.

As all quilters are, I was on the lookout for quilts everywhere I went.  I found this display at the info centre of the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland.

The Wheel was amazing as well!  Lol.

I did find a quilt store in Stratford Upon Avon with very limited fabric selection. A knitting book at a yarn store in York called my name, and then….

Liberty of London was the last quilt related stop.  The store itself is amazing.  It was conveniently located half way between Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.  (Well, at least in my world it was convenient.)  I did buy a half metre at Liberty, but the price was staggering!

Now it's home and back to reality.  I went to the local Guild meeting last night and there was a request for quits to give to children in care of the Ministry of Social Services.  The Guild has supported this cause for many years, and had fallen short of their goal.  I dug through my pile of quilts waiting for a home and came up with these three that I think will be suitable for children.  They will be off shortly to their new homes!


  1. Glad you had a fabulous trip. One of a life time!

  2. What a fabulous trip , lucky you ! How wonderful to give these quilts to the children , I know they will be thrilled .

  3. glad you enjoyed your wiz tour x and found some inspiration along the way xx

  4. I was was wondering where you were, missing from blogging.... Glad that you enjoyed your trip

  5. What is the big wheel all about? Lucky you to get to visit London again. Someday.....

  6. What a lovely holiday. Looks like you saw plenty in the time you were there. Great to spend time with your mother, too.