Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cutting Kerdi with Rotary Cutter

I have found a new use for your Rotary Cutter.  Doug and I are making a tiled shower in our bathroom.  The Kerdi membrane needs to be cut into various straight edge pieces.  Doug asked me if I thought my Rotary Cutter would work for the job.  The Cutter, Mat and Rulers all moved to the dining room table and made short work of the Kerdi.

My secret is out.  I will never make it as a hand model!  Those of you that know me have figured out already that yes, I was wearing my famous housecoat during this process.

Doug measured all the sections.  The same goes here as in all measuring, measure twice, cut once.

And here he as after a long afternoon of applying the Kerdi Membrane.  Next up is the tile.  I can hardly wait.

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