Sunday, 26 June 2011

Elegant Embroidered Ladies

A few years back I asked my Mom if she would be willing to embroider some blocks for a quilt that I just didn't have time to do the hand work on.  Luckily she said yes, one thing led to another, and now I have several beautiful quilts that showcase Mom's wonderful handiwork.

One of my favourites hangs by my front door so everyone who enters gets to enjoy it.  The original pattern was purchased in 1983 and showed a quilt that was painted with the liquid embroidery that was popular at the time.  I set the pattern aside knowing that some day I would have the time to embroider all these beautiful blocks.  About ten years ago I pulled the pattern out and decided it was time for this quilt to come to life.  Mom embroidered all the blocks, I pieced the top together and quilted it and then my daughter helped sew on the binding.  All three generations had a hand in this quilt!  A real family treasure.

Now I would love to give credit to the designer but.......  I hunted the house over for the pattern to no avail.  On a good note, I did find a couple of other patterns that I had been looking for a month or so ago.  There is an upside to everything.  If anyone knows the original designer, please let me know.

My Mom is talented in so many ways.  Below is a shot of Blanche posing in front of some yard decorations that Mom and Fred gave me a couple of years ago.  Thanks Mom, love you!

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