Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How to join batting together

Once in a while, I receive a piece of batting to use in a quilt, that isn't quite big enough. This happened yesterday, so I decided it was a good opportunity (silver lining in every cloud) to show you how to piece batting together.
The first step is to make sure both pieces of batting are cut straight and square.  Next, cut a 1 1/2" wide piece of fusible pellon, the type that is fusible only on one side.
Now, butt the two pieces of batting up to each other, and place the piece of pellon over the area you wish to join.  Make sure the fusible side is down.  Why do I say something so obvious?  Well let's just say I've placed it fusible side up a couple of times, and made a real mess of my iron.  With your iron set on wool setting if you are using cotton batting, and poly setting if using polyester batting, fuse the pellon to the two pieces of batting.
This bond is fairly secure, and will hold the batting together until you get the quilting done. There are several other methods of joining batting together, but I use this method because it is quick and easy.

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