Monday, 27 June 2011

Quilting Inspiration #2

Fabric is my favourite place to look to for inspiration.  I was asked to do a quilt with a whimsical feel to it.  One of the fabrics within the quilt was my inspiration for this flower.

The original design is in the midst of snowflakes, but I decided it would make a great flower.  The following fabric is a Nancy Halvorson fabric that I was ask to use as inspiration.

This fabric has lots of swirls and flowers in it that are similar to what I normally do.  I love to play!

The thread I used was Superior King Tut #921.  It is a 40 wt that is stunning on this quilt.  If you want to see the completed quilt hop over to Katja's blog and check it out.

Now to quilt the original flower I started with a loop in the centre, added five petals around the loop and then went back and added the swirls around the petals.

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