Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sylvia's Quilt

On Carla's blog on the Moda show and tell, she posted a picture of Sylvia's quilt.  When Sylvia brought it to me to quilt, we were at a bit of a loss of how to quilt it.  She had fused the appliqué in place and was worried about it lifting when the quilt was washed.  To try and quilt 1/8" in with a longarm, was a little to much for me.  So......

I went with the big swirly overall.  I could catch a few of the loose edges and nail them down, and the quilting is close enough together that nothing should lift when the quilt is washed.

Sylvia is going to use this as a couch quilt for herself.  Happy snuggling!


  1. Oh wow, I had to stop and comment on your gorgeous quilting. Fabulous!

  2. The quilting looks like wind, swirling around. Cool!

  3. I think this style quilting was perfect , gorgeous quilt !