Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Mother's Day Adventure

This week my Farmer's Wife Blocks joined me on an adventure.  Friendship Star and Fruit Basket were out enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.

It is Mother's day, and Laylah's birthday, so we went to.........

The Kamloops Wildlife Park.  The Grizzly enclosure is a hit with everyone, even my blocks!

The Grizzly cub was putting on a bit of a show for us all.

Hallie managed to keep her eyes open long enough for a picture.

And Laylah, as always, had Grandpa wrapped around her little finger.

After leaving the park Doug and I drove to Chase to take my Mom out for lunch.  We had a great visit and headed back to town.  I hope all of you had as enjoyable a  Mother's Day as I did!


  1. That baby is adorable!! Glad you had a nice day. Me too : )

  2. What a sweet grand baby. Glad you had a good day....

  3. Awesome day. Grandbabies are so fun eh!

  4. Hey Linda, i just identified you as one of my newest followers. Thanks for stopping by and following. You are such a talented quilter! Congratulations on the newest grand baby and the wedding pics of your daughter's were so pretty! I'm gonna stick around ;-)