Sunday, 20 May 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 43 & 44

Joining in on the Quilt Festival has been so much fun.  I've already met a few wonderful quilters.  I've been so busy checking all the quilts out that my blocks had to stay home this week.

So here they are hanging around.....

My pond.  It's a little to early yet for any annuals, but the Azalea is beautiful.  It is one of my favourites and really seams to like it's spot by the pond.  Of course any movement around the pond stirs up these guys.

"The Boys" as Doug calls them, know that people mean food.  The grandkids love to feed the fish, so we try to have them well trained each year to respond to the sight of people.  "The Boys" are obviously not all boys as we have already had them spawn once this year.

Hope those that have joined in with the Farmer's Wife blocks are keeping up.  I haven't received any pictures lately, hint, hint.


  1. Great blocks, wonderful azaleas, and the boys -- oh my.

  2. My mother would die for that Azalea and doesn't the pink just pop in that block?