Monday, 7 May 2012

May 5, 2012. What a beautiful day!

On Saturday my beautiful daughter Leslie, and her charming husband Matt, were married. The day started much like most wedding days with the preparation.

Leslie had us all on a tight schedule, so we managed to make it to the ceremony with minutes to spare.  Mel at St. Andrews on the Square orchestrated everything to perfection.  The ceremony was beautiful.  Matt started to cry as soon as the first bridesmaid started down the isle.  He had everyone in the room crying.  It was so touching!

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Stanley were introduced, then it was time for more pictures.

Doug and I couldn't of been happier.

Leslie's brothers were the ushers, and looked so handsome.  George is on the right, and Harvey on the left.  I was so proud of all of them.

The first dance.  Need I say more?

Leslie's stepsister Julie attended with her family up until the end of the slideshow, and then,,,,,,,

We received a call at 8:30 to head to the hospital.  We made it in time for Hallie to make her entrance.  We were back at the wedding by 10:45, proud Grandparents.

The day could not of been better.  Thanks to everyone (especially Thom) who helped me throughout the last week.  For my quilt friends, of course there was a wedding quilt.  I'll post pictures soon!


  1. what a wonderful day x so glad it all worked out xx

  2. What a wonderfully eventful day your family had. Congratulations on both events!

  3. I thought I commented already, but can't find it! Gorgeous bride Linda. I bet you are exhausted : )
    Precious baby too----love the hair

  4. You are both very blessed. I miss you all and can't wait to see Hallie.

  5. VERY beautiful and VERY Charming....wonderful pictures! thanks for sharing with us =)


  6. This looks like a beautiful day. The bride looks gorgeous. Lovely family photos, too. And then a baby to top off everything!! How amazing is that? Congratulations all round!