Thursday 8 September 2011

Garden Stars featuring Pom Pom de Paris by French General

Garden Stars is made by English Paper Piecing kits shapes to make a star.  The star is appliqued to a feature fabric, then the completed star is appliqued to a background square. The blocks are then set on point with the feature fabric as the inset triangle and outer border. This quilt is an original design by yours truly.  I hope you enjoy it!

The fabric requirements are 2m. of feature fabric, 1m. of background (cream) fabric, .3m. inner border fabric, 1 charm pack (or assorted scraps) and 1 pack of 2 1/2" kite paper pieces. The kite paper pieces are available at Katja's or contact Paperpieces for a retailer near you.

The feature fabric is directional so you must cut your borders and insets first, then use the remainder for the inside of your stars.  Cut two pieces 5 1/2" by width of fabric for the top and bottom borders.  Cut five pieces 2 1/2" by width of fabric for binding.  Cut two pieces 5 1/2" by 47" lengthwise for the side borders.  Cut two 16" squares and two 12" squares for the insets and corners.

For the inside of your stars fussy cut eight 6" squares from the remaining feature fabric.

Lay four of your kite shapes on a charm square.  Cut the fabric with a generous 1/4" around each kite.

Baste the cut kite shapes onto the paper pieces by folding the seam allowance over the paper and baste with large stitches.  When basting the sharp point, let the tail "wag".  When appliqueing  you will tuck the tail in, giving you a sharper point.  For each square you will need twelve kites, times eight blocks, ninety six kites.

From the back, whip stitch the kites together as shown.  Twelve kites join together to make your star.

Pin the kite star onto a 6" feature square.  Applique in place.  Cut the excess fabric away from the back.

Cut eight 12" background squares.  Applique the star onto the background square, keeping in mind that it will be set on point in the quilt. . The feature fabric needs to have a corner as the "up" side.  Remove the basting and paper pieces as you go.  Make eight blocks in total, trying to set the stars in the same position on each background square.  Once the applique is complete, trim the square to 10 1/2".

I used little pieces of tape to mark placement of the star tips, so I could have all the blocks the same.

Cut the 16" squares diagonally twice.  These will by your side inset pieces.

Cut one of your 12" pieces in half diagonally from upper right to lower left.  Cut the second 12" piece in half diagonally from upper left to lower right.  This is necessary as this is a directional fabric, and you don't want your elegant ladies standing on their head.

Sew your blocks together in a diagonal set, using the picture at the top of the blog as a guide.  You will need to trim the insets and corners to 1/4" past the corner of the blocks.
Add a 1 1/2" inner border.  Cut your outer border pieces to fit the quilt.

I quilted the blocks with small swirls in the background fabric, in the ditch the kites and outlined the people in the centre feature block.  The insets and outer border were quilted with a simple ribbon pattern.
After quilting and binding, the quilt should by about 40" x 54".


  1. Lovely quilt Linda and a great tutorial!

  2. Linda -- this is very lovely and elegant! Your fabric choices -- and especially your fussy-cut centers -- are beautiful!! I "hopped" over here from Sarah's blog! :)

  3. Linda - I'm so glad you linked up to this older post. Using kites to make the star was brilliant - I'll need to keep your pattern handy in my ever growing EPP bucket list. Thanks for joining my Hexie Linky Party!