Monday 5 September 2011

Camping at Tunkwa

Doug and I just returned from a wonderful weekend camping at Tunkwa Lake.  The weather was comfortable and the campground was wonderfully clean.  Probably the nicest campground we stayed at all year!

This was the view from our campsite.  A beautiful lake in the middle of the grasslands.

Doug and I rode (pushed and carried) our bikes around the lake.  This is the view from a bluff, with Tunkwa in the foreground and Leighton on the left.  You can see the campground across the lake.

This is me, after pushing my bike up to the top of the bluff.  On the way down Doug had to pack it part way for me.  When they suggest hiking, I guess they really mean it!  Oh well, we had a great time anyways.

Blanche had a fabulous time when we hiked around Leighton Lake.  The running ahead, and then running back, lasted for about 15 minutes, then she was content to walk with us.  Pretty spry for a 9 year old.

Of course, Blanche's favourite duty is guarding the trailer.  Most of the time, with her eyes closed.

I did manage to fit a little quilting into the weekend.  I finished block 9 of Vintage Valentine, while listening to a Dean Koontz book on my ipod.
It was a wonderful way to spend the last long weekend of Summer.