Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Saturday Sneak Peek

Just in case you thought I have been slacking off lately, here is a little peek at the quilt I just finished quilting this morning.  Carla ask that I do something a little different on her quilt.  After discussing several options, we came up with this.  They are little explosions all over the quilt. I'm sure once Carla picks it up and binds it, she will share a pic of the finished quilt.

And now for this little gem.  This quilt I have pieced and am in the middle of quilting for another friend.  Once again I'm experimenting with straight lines, and throwing in swirls as a background filler.  The line is "Spring Haven"  by Moda.  It is really funky and fun to play with.

I have just finished my Log Cabin quilt.  I will share pics of it after I have given it to it's new owner tomorrow.  For those of you in BC having a long weekend, enjoy your extra day off. Since I'm a federal employee, I will be working Monday.  Oh well, you just can't have everything!


  1. Looks lovely Linda! I guess I better get some binding ready ; ) yay!

  2. I do like seeing your beautiful quilting.

  3. Quilting looks great. I love the lines. I have been searching out different rulers. What is your favorite. You and Carla make a fab team!