Saturday, 26 January 2013

Making Progress

I have been on holidays for the last two weeks and am doing my best to work through some of the basket quilts.  Of course I have to fit in a couple of new quilts as well, just to keep me motivated.

Number three from the basket is this Magic Tiles quilt.  Some of the fabric in the quilt is year 2000 fabric.  I'm fairly sure I used the fabric when it was new, so this means I pieced this top over twelve years ago.  It was due to be finished.

I felt my swirl feather needed a little work, so I practiced it on this quilt.

Number four from the basket isn't so old.  I made this top last October on retreat.  I wanted to try a little ruler work on this one.  I learned a lot, mainly that I need to mark the lines, as my left hand isn't strong enough to hold the ruler as steady as it needs to be.  This is why I practice on my own quilts.

Even though it isn't perfect, I'm sure someone will love it.

The other quilts on the pile are the Sunday Morning quilt and the Noteworthy quilt, both of which I have already shown you.  The quilt on the bottom of the pile is another Coma quilt that I will show when the fabric comes into the local store.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love the quilting on the zigzag Linda. The swirly feathers look great too

  2. Love the quilting on the chevron quilt Linda! Great job getting some of those basket quilts done!

  3. Wow look at you go nice that you are mixing it up with new projects, nice quilting, love the chevron, and the feather swirl keep them coming.

  4. I enjoy seeing the quilting you do on these lovely tops. Great colour in the Magic Tiles and the quilting detail i the Zig Zag is wonderful.
    I need to do a lot more practice!

  5. Wow Linda, you are really getting things done. Love the quilting on both quilts!

  6. Awesome quilting. The feather swirl is one of my fav. I love how things dont always look "perfect". Separates us from machinery!

  7. Love the quilting on the chevron quilt. I see that 'Anonymous' is visiting your blog. I get their messages all the time, but, they don't appear on my blog, thank goodness, just in my email. I wish these people had better things to do with their time, like QUILT.

  8. I really like the majic tiles quilt (is there a pattern somewhere") but even moreso I like the quilting you did on the zig zag quilt. I never woudl have thought of a string of pearls. Hope you don't mind if I save the pic in my inspiration file...