Sunday, 12 August 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks

Once again, I don't have the numbers of names for these blocks, but hopefully someone,(you know who you are) will fill that in in the comments.

So, does this picture help you figure out where the blocks are.  A hint, it is the largest Tomahawk ever.

No, that hint wouldn't help me either, unless I had just been there.  It is Cut Knife Alberta.  Just one of the many little delightful towns we went through on our way through Alberta.

This is coming into Battleford just on the edge of Saskatchewan.

I was amazed at how wet and swampy Saskatchewan was.  Not anything like I expected it to be.

We stopped at Manitou Lake overnight and enjoyed the sunset over the lake!

Hope you are all having happy trails, we certainly are.


  1. Hmm, I guess that's me.....blocks are 63 and 64....not that I've done these either!!!
    Looks like you are seeing lots of new scenery...enjoy.

  2. You and Doug are sure getting lots of good use out of your travel trailer. Are you going across Canada?
    Take Care
    Sherry xo

  3. Just a correction, Cut Knife is in Saskatchewan, about 1 hour east of the Alberta border.