Thursday 9 August 2012

Canadian Death Race

Yes, it was that time of year again.  The Death Race in Grande Cache, Alberta.  Harvey ran the race as part of a relay last year so he felt he should run as a solo this year.

This is Harvey at the start of the race looking so focused!

Transition 1 after about 21km.  He was a little warm, needing a little sunscreen and on the right Gonda is busy refreshing his supplies.  What a great group he had helping him.

This is transition 2 after climbing a the first mountain.  Still focused and starting to hurt a little.  Doug and I offered encouragement while Gonda got him ready to go again.

This is transition 3.  The hurting is starting to set in.  Harvey had sprained his ankle two weeks before, so Doug is icing it down while Gonda is resupplying the pack.  Mountain two down.

After climbing the last big mountain, Hamel, Harvey was pulled by the Medics at the 89km point.  His Kidneys were shutting down and he was dizzy and throwing up.  All very normal for a ultra marathon runner who has reached the limit.  He was trucked to transition 4 and we took it from there.  This was at 2 am after he had been running for 16 hours.  He was disappointed that he didn't finish but satisfied with his effort.  Only 25 percent of the racers ever finish the 125 km race in the allotted 24 hours.  I am very proud of the effort he put in.  Just as a side note for the family, Harvey has completely recovered from the race, but has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his leg.  A few weeks of light duties and he will be back running again.  GO DEATH RACER!


  1. just as another sidenote, that sprain we thought was not a sprain, it was probably a stress fracture at that point as well. It really was an amazingly fun weekend. doctor ordered swimming and biking for a bit. I dont know if I can dedicate the time for death race again next year but this surely wont be my last ultra-marathon. They really are just amazing fun

    1. Linda you must so very proud of your brave son. Congrats Harvey and get healthy!!!

    2. wow wtg Harvey, big hugs from Aunty Donna, so proud of you also. xoxo

  2. Good for him! That's quite an accomplishment.

  3. Amazing race, Harvey did great....can't imagine how he pushed as far as he did.
    Good thing you and Doug were there.

  4. just thinking about it makes me exhausted!!