Sunday 19 August 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 65 & 66

Peaceful Hours and Periwinkle had a grand holiday!

Sometimes it is hard to find something for a backdrop for the blocks, so........

I used a back.  Doug's back to be exact!  Doug, Randy and Terry are enjoying a wonderful sunny day at......

Clear Lake.  This beautiful beach is located in Riding Mountain National Park.  There is a quaint little town within the park that has a variety of shops to suit every tourist.  My personal favourite was an ice cream shop.  I think I might of visited there more than once.

In the Park Info Centre this quilt was hanging and has been since 1985.  It was made by a group of local quilters to commemorate 100 years of National Parks.

We just could not get enough of beaches so we visited Grand Beach, just north of Winnipeg.  It is know for it's white sand and shallow warm water.

Have you been to a beach yet this summer?


  1. I like your "backdrop". That beach looks very inviting! We were at Qualicum beach this summer.

  2. Love the inventive settings for your travelling farmer's wife. We were on the beach at Little Shuswap and spent 4 days on the beach at Mara Lake on our holiday in BC.

  3. LOL. Great display idea. It sure has been a summer for the beach eh! Good to take advantage of the weather!

  4. Linda, Linda, Linda........I grew up in Winnipeg and Grand Beach holds a lot of fond memories for me (none of which I could share in your blog. It was, in it's day, the place to go when you were an (older) teenager. When you get home you will have to ask me about the May Long Weekends......enough said!! I have also been to Clear Lake many times (and there is a story or two there, also).....sounds like you are having a great holiday and we look forward to having you home again to tell us all about it!!! I've sent this as Anonymous but it's me, Barbara.....I just don't know how to do it any other way! LOL