Thursday 5 July 2012

More of Beautiful BC

Wow!  What a great day of exploring we have had.  Yesterday we drove through the Fountain Valley with a stop at Kwotlenemo Lake.

We took a side trip up a logging road behind the lake and came upon this!

A mama bear and her two cubs.  She was ready to send them up the tree if we came any closer.  I had seen the backside of a bear the day before, but this bear and her babies were a delightful surprise.  Certainly made my day.
From Fountain Valley we drove to Lytton and looked around, then back to Lillooet.

Today we drove to Pemberton with Dawn and Mark.

The skies have cleared up and it was a gorgeous day for a drive.  This is Duffy Lake, with Cayoosh Mountain in the background.  Around every corner of the 100 km drive there was more incredible scenery.

This is the view coming down the switchbacks towards Lillooet.  The only problem is finding a safe place to pull over to take a picture.
We are now back at the camper trailer with the air conditioning on as summer has finally decided to make an appearance.  Off soon to play board games with our friends at a picnic table beside a fire.  What could possibly be better?

Since it is Thursday, I thought I had better leave you with this weeks Hexagon.  Have a wonderful day!


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  2. Used to drive that Duffy Lake road pretty regularly when Liane lived in Whistler, loved it! Miss the mountains every day, I was NOT meant to be a prairie girl!

  3. beautiful pictures!!!! and I really like the block too. Hugs

  4. Beautiful scenery. And how exciting to see the bear and her cubs. Wow!

  5. It's so beautiful there! I would have been paralized at the sight of a mama bear ;-) No such thing here in Germany ;-) Summer finally started over here, too with lots of humidity during the day and thunder storms at night.