Monday 9 January 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 5 & 6

These blocks have gone on a road trip to find some snow!

We have been having a mild winter here in Kamloops and up till yesterday, there wasn't any snow on the ground.  I had to travel a ways to find some snow.

This is the view at the Britton Creek Rest Stop near the summit of the Coquihalla Highway about an hour and a half drive south of Kamloops.
I had worn my slip on shoes, so I was concerned about how I was going to get close enough to a tree to get a picture.  Luckily for me, snowmobilers frequent the area and had made a path under the tree.  Next time I will try to be a little more prepared.

This picture was sent to me by one of the women that is following along.  Great job!


  1. Cute post Linda. All the blocks look great.

  2. long way to go just for a picture... what else where you up to? Lovely blocks xx

  3. That seems to be the story in Canada, mild winter! Luckily for my my snowy tree is right beside my house :-)

  4. Had a great time! Learned that it is more fun sometimes not to have to be totally exact or straight to end up with a perfect quilt!
    Thanks again