Tuesday 17 January 2012


Yes, winter has finally hit.  -17 C with a wind chill of -33 C.  It must be time to stay indoors and work on some hexagons.

The block on the left is Katja's Hex-a-thon block #3.  The block on the right is all the same pieces as the first, placed a little different.  I couldn't help myself.  I had to play with the design a little.  I'm trying to make at least two blocks a week so that I will have a little bigger quilt.  Pop over to Carla's blog and check out her first two hexagons.  The fabric is adorable!


  1. Oh boy!! I sure don't miss my job!! I think about you guys in weather like this!
    Love your hexagons, checked out Carla's blog, loved her fabrics and all the quilts.
    Harrison doesn't look anything like your pics now!!
    Stay warm!! xo

  2. I think inside is definatly the best place to be...and sewing the best thing to be doing xx

  3. That sure is COLD! Brrr! I agree, stay indoors and sew lots!!!!

  4. Those blocks are beautiful!