Friday 17 February 2017


The latest quilt off the frame is made from "Compositions" by Basic Grey.  I love everything about this line.  Great background fabrics or put them together to make a quilt similar to the one below.

This design is one of my favourites for showing off fabric.

The quilting is fairly simple with a fern type design in the stars and wavy lines in the background.

The fun never stops with patterns from Funky Friends Factory.  This is Hannah the Hedgehog.

She is out playing in the snow because we are all hoping this is the last chance to do this.  The kit for Hanna will be available at Katja's shortly.

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  1. Lovely quilt, lovely quilting, by a lovely lady. Another cute animal.

  2. Lovely work with the star quilt. I agree that the design is great to show a fabric line to its fullest.
    And Hannah looks delightful. Hope you get your wish of no more snow.

  3. Those fabrics are beautiful and made such a pretty finish.

    Hannah is pretty darn cute too.