Friday, 12 August 2016

Jasper National Park

Did you know that if you buy a yearly pass to the Canadian National Parks, you get an additional year free?  What a great deal.  Doug and I did just that on our trip to Jasper National Park. Obviously the National Park System will be on our radar when planning next year's camping season.

We encountered a variety of weather on this trip.

We were expecting rain when we headed out for a hike above Maligne Lake.  We weren't disappointed!  A short cloudburst turned the trail into a creek.  We were prepared so we carried on.

Next up was The Valley of Five Lakes.  An easy 4.5 km. hike with amazing views.  A slightly overcast day made for a great reflection from the lake.

We had to go to Miette Hot Springs.  A great price of only $6 each once you have your park pass.  A cooler slightly overcast day was perfect for a hot spring.

Our last hike was in the Tonquin Valley.  We only encountered one other couple on the trail. They said they had hiked out from the cabin (14 km) and we were only the second group they had met.  Lovely to have the valley almost to yourself.  The trail was one of the best we have been on for ease of hiking with gentle slopes and well maintained trail.  We will be back.

I had a few quilts waiting for my attention upon my return home.

Sylvia's Lemonade quilt was fun to play with.

I was anxious to get to this quilt for Sylvia.  It is for her husband who is so wonderfully supportive of her quilting.  Each fabric represents a memory they share of their years together.  It is a real treasure and I was honoured to be able to quilt it for her.  Sylvia had encouraged me to write the tutorial for this block which is available here.


  1. Another interesting post! Beautiful quilt. It looks like you guys had fun:)

  2. Did you encounter things of the furry kind? I'd be petrified of bears : )
    Nice to see Sylvia still going strong