Friday, 19 August 2016


Well, hello there everyone.  Hope you are all enjoying the last of summer.  It is the season that seems to pass so quickly.  So much to do, so little time.

I did manage to get another row done on my Row by Row.  This one is from Katja's.  Yes, I do know that one of the windows is crooked.  Lol.  And it is staying that way!  I didn't notice till I was top stitching the fusible and it was to late to do anything about it.

The quilting on this 100 block quilt was a lot of fun.  It's owner should be by shortly to pick it up. latest obsession is weaving fabric.  I have been drooling over my Instagram feed for months, and finally decided to jump in.  More to come on this.

Till next time, enjoy life!


  1. I LOVE you row by row - even with the crooked window. It looks so cute. That 100 block quilt is beautiful. I'm sure it will be loved.

    Fabric weaving??? I'm going to have to look that up.

  2. Oh my... A crooked window, yikes. What shall we do with you? Love your blog missy.
    It makes me happy to see you left the window.

  3. I put the wrong fabric in the wrong place while paper piecing Tinkerbell. Her eyelids look like the white eye shadow from the 1960's. There was no way I was going to rip all that out and fix it (I made 2 blocks, with the same mistake in each). I love my 1960's Tinkerbell blocks. They make me laugh. Your window will make you laugh, too.

  4. Lovely work on the row. And the window adds character.
    Have fun with your weaving.

  5. I think that that one house is winking at us. Perfectly fun!
    And the weaving takes me back to placemat making in elementary school!