Friday 25 September 2015

Pincushion/Binder Clip Holder

I have seen so many cute little pincushions on blogs lately.  I wanted to whip one up, but I wanted it to do a little more.  English Paper Piecing has been my hand work lately.  I use binder clips to help hold the pieces together, so I wanted something to help me keep track of the clips.

I started with seven 1 1/4" strips of assorted "Hi-De-Ho" fabric by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda.

They were sewn together with seams allowances pressed alternating for each strip.

The strips were sewn together into a tube, bargello style.

Five 1 1/4" slices were cut.

Opening a seam as desired, I arranged the strips into a fun design.

The slices were sewn together, and then a flange was added.  I cut a 2 1/2" piece of fabric and ironed it in half.  The raw edge was basted onto the piece work with a scant 1/4".

A 1 1/2" border was added.  the seam was pressed so that the flange would lay on the outer border.

The process was repeated for the ends of the piece work.

I made a quilt sandwich and quilted a basic crosshatch, stitching on the inner edge of the flange to hold it in place.

A piece was cut for the back.  The back and the piecework were sewn together right sides facing, leaving 3" open for turning.  Corners were clipped and the pincushion was turned right side out.  I filled it with walnut shells and stitched the opening closed.  It is ready to sit beside me on the couch when I'm English Paper Piecing.

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  1. What did you say? Walnut shells? There is obviously a very good reason for this, but can you please explain why and how?

  2. What a cute project... It's on my list. Haha

  3. Oh I love the binder clip holder, what a clever idea!