Friday, 24 July 2015

Quilting and Hiking

The summer is flying by, where does the time go?  I did manage a finish of my own recently.

This is Katja's pattern for machine piecing hexagons.  I used "Mixology" fabric.  I will be teaching this class in the fall.  Hope to see you there.

I quilted this darling little quilt for Monette.  Another amazing friend and quilter that I have met through my local guild. 

Next up, some pictures from a few of the hikes I've been on lately.

This is me at Mount Edith Cavell in Jasper park.  This was the July 1st trip, and there was still a little snow at the top of the hike.  When we were back to the parking lot we were advised that we were lucky the trail was open.  It had been closed the day before because a Grizzly was in the area.  Yikes!

This is along the trail on Mount Robson.  We will be going back there shortly.  Doug and I are planing to take a few friends with us, fly to the top and hike down.  Weather permitting of course. I can hardly wait!

A little closer to home, this is on the way to the Trolls, just off of Red Lake Road in Kamloops.  A couple of weeks before there had been some flash flooding and this is one of many grooves in the hillside.  

I finally made it to Vancouver Island to visit Harvey in Comox.  This was taken during our hike in Cumberland.  We had done twelve km on Mount Washington, so he took it easy on me and we only did 8 km in Cumberland.  A lot of trails were close because of the extreme dry conditions in the area. A few of you have known Harvey growing up.  He isn't the skinny little man you remember.  

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  1. Oh what lovely colours in both quilts, especially the yellows and greys in the first one! And I love your pictures of your adventures - I visited that part of Canada when I was about 10 and I still remember how stunningly beautiful it was!

  2. You are never idle. No wonder you are looking terrific😎

  3. The scenery on your hike looks spectacular. I'm glad you did not encounter the grizzly!!

    Your quilts are so pretty too. I love the little owl.

  4. That's such a nice fabric line. Very pretty. 4 of my kids just hiked Mt. Robson. Amazing

  5. what beautiful surroundings to be walking in ... minus any wandering bears!! I much prefer the owl on the quilt x

  6. Your owl quilt is just adorable