Friday, 25 July 2014

Canadian Flag Quilt #3

This quilt is my favourite of the three quilts!

It was also the easiest to make!

I started with four 20" squares.  Slashed them in half on the diagonal.

Cut four 5" strips of white.  Sewed a strip to one half of a square, allowing a few inches on either end to hang over.

Sewed the other half of the square to the opposite side of the white strip, making sure it was centred to the first half.

Trimmed to approximately 23" square.   Repeat with the other three squares.

I then used 5" strips of white to make a diagonal and vertical line, piecing as needed.  I used the maple leaf pattern from the July 1st quilt, enlarged by 120 percent, for the appliquéd Maple Leaf.

I quilted veins in the Maple Leaf, swirls in the white and a loopy meander in the blue flag fabric.

These three quilts definitely challenged my ability to use fabric efficiently.  I hope you enjoyed the series.

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  1. Very nice, absolutely love the quilting! Great texture in the white strips :)

  2. very cute, I love the quilting

  3. This very sharp looking. I love series projects!

  4. Love the leaf. It's my granddaughter's favorite design.

  5. You're certainly good at designing !

  6. Love the illusion of old Union Jack flag with the current maple leaf flag. Nice work Linda.

  7. Great finish. It looks wonderful. I do like the way you have managed to use all the fabrics in different ways.

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