Friday, 18 July 2014

Canadian Flag Quilt # 1

 This is the first of three Canadian Flag Fabric Quilts.  I was given this stack of fabric…..

and asked to come up with three quilts featuring each of the flag fabrics.  My favourite was the white background flag so I decided to use it first.  Disappearing nine patch is always a fun project, so that is what I did.

A quick review for those who haven't yet seen one done.

Decide on the size of squares you would like, I think I cut mine 5".  Sew into a nine patch block with the background fabric placed where the flag fabric is.  I had half metre cuts of several reds so I went with scrappy reds.

Cut the block through the middle in both directions.

Rotate the upper right and lower left quarters.

Sew together to make your block.

My quilt was made from twenty block, four across by five down.  I did add a 2 1/2" border of the flag fabric.

I kept the quilting simple by quilting in the ditch around the flag fabric and using a funky orange peel in the reds.

Speaking of reds, the sunsets around here have bean very red lately.  I scooped this picture off of Facebook, it is of the fire burning in Banff National Park.  Beautiful photo, but scary sight.  There are several fires currently burning in B.C.  The past week of record high temperatures have scorched the forests.  Kamloops has had several 40 degree days.  (104 F for my American friends.)  The sky is filled with smoke and staying indoors is the only way to survive the weather.  Good for getting a little quilting done!

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  1. My daughter and her family almost had to evacuate. The fire started from a spark set off from the train that travel just up the road from where they are (close to Wms. Lake.) The helicopters water bombed for a few days and I think everything is now OK.

  2. Beautiful quilt! Just love the versatility of the DP9 block! And your layout with a two color quilt is awesome!

    Scary picture for sure!

  3. that truly is a Canadian and white! Fun fabric.
    We have smoke and red sun all the way in Saskatchewan! Must be pretty scary close to the fires.

  4. Oh I love that quilt and design. Good use of the fabric. The fires, so terrible eh!!! A few years ago when we visited Kamloops we drove through Kelowna where fires had destroyed miles and miles. So sad!

  5. fire is such a scary thing x stay safe xx I love the block .. and your first quilt xx

  6. Perfect block for these fabrics!!! Love it!! The forest fire is frightening and I hope it gets under control!! My niece is a forest fire fighter here in Northwestern Ontario and she may be chosen to go help out!! Hoping everyone remains safe!

  7. Great flag quilt. Loving the reds - and there's a snowman in there.
    That photo of the fire is amazing!

  8. Gorgeous quilt!

    I'm down in Boise and we've got smoky, red skies too. Lots of fires in Washington and Oregon. Scary stuff. But yes, we stay inside to escape the smoky air.

  9. A friend just sent me that pattern, with a bonus pattern. Love the reds.