Thursday 13 February 2014


Last Saturday I presented my class at Katja's to a group of adventuresome women!  This is a shot of a few of their blocks.

Within a few days Betty posted this picture of a few more blocks.

Look at those circles!  Woohoo Betty!

My shop sample had a little funkier setting.  I was looking at each block as a star and wanted to focus on that.  Betty's blocks show the more traditional setting of a Kaleido Block.  The original block I made for the quilt along is here.  For the class I upsized to a 4 1/2" strip.  Great fun!


  1. These are AWESOME! Bet it was a fun class!

  2. Isn't Betty a go getter! I love your quilt Linda and of course those pebbles

  3. Beauty! I love the how the circles and pebbles contrast with those points. So fun!