Saturday 8 February 2014

A Few Canned Pears

The pattern "Canned Pears" by Fig Tree was a delight to make.

It was made for a friend and was really hard to give to her.  LOL!

I struggled with how to quilt inside the pears.  I finally decided on a wavy line.  Since there was so much quilting in the background, I had to do something in the pears.

I also made the Moda Alphabet quilt out of American Jane "Ducks In A Row," for the same friend.

This quilt received a little in the ditch and a simple loopy meander.

Donna asked that I show the quilting on my Bali Tile quilt so here it is.

I used several different colours of Glide thread on this one.  Dark blue on the black really shows off the quilting.  The quilt is currently at Katja's for those of you who live nearby and would like to see it.

It is currently -20 C. here in Kamloops, great weather for staying in and quilting.  Hope you are staying warm where you are.


  1. I love the pear quilt. It looks so clean and fresh. :) I also love your alphabet quilt. Very nice work!

  2. Great quilts. I really like the pear quilt, which is strange, since I don't like pears.

  3. Lovely quilt and lots of eye candy !

  4. Oh love how the pear quilt turned out I've just cut it all out and made 1 pear, have been starting some new quilts so I'll have some projects in the spring for the retreat, another one I want to do is the cherry pattern I have done the strawberries already on a fruit kick

  5. What a lucky friend, love the Canned Pears quit......lovely.


  6. The Pear quilt is very nice Linda. Lovely quilting too. How big is it?

  7. Pear quilt is so great. Perfect quilting designs. I love the bali tile quilt. Thanks for sharing the quilting. Lots of thread changing! Worth it for sure. Shows the quilting and fabric.

  8. Adore your pear quilt and the quilting.....Just so sweet.