Monday, 28 October 2013

Back From Market

What wonderful fun we had in Houston at Quilt Market.  A bit of a rocky start leaving Kamlooops as Air Canada couldn't fly because of fog, and had cancelled our flight.  A little juggling and Noeline, Katja, Barb and I all booked a Westjet flight to Calgary at the last minute so that we could make our Air Canada flight to Houston.  Once we were in Houston, the fun never stopped.

Going through the 24 rows of booths is always a little overwhelming.  A few of my favourites below.

American Jane and Sweetwater.

The Blackbird booth, what a great pair of ladies!

Lynette Anderson, a delightful woman to talk to.

Tula Pink.  Love the quilt on the wall, quilted by Angela Walters of course.  I had to buy Tula's new butterfly pattern.  Watch for it!

After a hard day of pounding the cement, what better way to unwind than the Moda Party. Mark Dunn is a fabulous host.

Mark was dressed as a Captain, and his son's were dressed as sailors.  The theme of the party was "Make a Splash."  Mr. Dun came to every table and greeted his guests, made sure we were all having a great time and was happy to pose for pictures.  Considering he had about 1200 guests, this was no easy task.

The party had music from the South Pacific and some Hula lessons.  I "Triple Dog Dared" Katja to get up.  She did, but she hid way in the back when I tried to get pictures.

Next post will be pictures of some of the fabulous quilts at the quilt show.


  1. So fun. Houston market is on my bucket list!

  2. Welcome home! Loos like another fun Market

  3. Wow , lucky you , I can imagine it would be a terrific experience !

  4. Welcome back! Looks like you had a good time. :)

  5. Love seeing photos of market!

  6. Thanks for sharing these pictures, and the ones of the quilts. I found I liked almost every one you showed, and even the ones I was sort of ho-hum on had some amazing technical work. Good choices to share!