Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's All About Texture

I was just checking out Carla's blog featuring the Large Star quilt I just Quilted for her.  In the post she said it was all about the texture.  She is right.  All the modern quilts give such wide open places to play with the quilting.  Almost too much fun!

Not to say that the more traditional quilts aren't fun, they certainly are.  I just finished a Thimbleberries quilt for Joyce.

I played a little in this quilt as well.

I tried to make this quilt a little different so I went with a starburst in the centre of the flowers, rather than the pebbles I usually use.  The green border needed a little something that wouldn't detract from the floral border, so I went with straight lines.  Thanks Joyce for letting me play on your quilt.


  1. You do wonderful work when playing ;-) great job on the quilting!

  2. Wow so awesome! It is kind of like letting the quilt "speak" to you. Not to sound wonky. I super like the starburst in the center of flowers. The straight lines really fit nicely too!