Thursday 18 October 2012

Terry's Quilt

The Postie quilting group that I belong to tries to make quilts for our friends that retire from work.  This year one of our own was retiring.  Because we wanted the quilt to be a surprise we handed off bits and pieces to each other until we had a finished top.  After it was quilted, it had to go outside for a photo.

I just love this picture.  The binding wasn't yet done, as I handed that job off to Rae.

The quilt was a design that I had seen a picture of on Bonnie Hunter's blog.  I loved the pattern and knew it would be perfect.

Terry's last day at work arrived, and we gave her the quilt.  She is hiding behind it because the tears were flowing.  I must admit that I had a tear or two in my eyes as well.

The quilt now has a place of honour on Terry's bed.  I hope she enjoys many years snuggling under it!


  1. The quilt is lovely. Great choice of design. What a special way to mark a milestone.

  2. beautiful... no wonder she cried xx

  3. Lovely. What a wonderful gift, especially since so many worked on it.

  4. Great job ladies and congrats Terry on your retirement!

  5. What a beautiful quilt and such a nice gesture for Terry as she retires .

  6. Well done and all the best Terry!!!!