Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Postie Halloween

Halloween should be a fun day, no matter what age you are.  A few of my fellow Posties certainly got in the spirit of the day.  Donna was a wonderful Postie Zombie.

Karen was impersonating a supervisor, clip board and all.

And the Grim Reaper made and appearance!

Of course if you are going to make it a fun day, there has to be lots of food.

It's amazing how quickly a hundred people can devour a table full of food.  Thanks to everyone who baked the ghoulish delights!

This is one of my customer's houses.  Complete with moans and groans as I walk past.  LOL. I'm sure the children will love trick or treating at this house tonight.

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun Linda. Happy Halloween to you and yours ; )

  2. it is -10 and our lawns are covered in snow!!

  3. Wow I never knew the USPS got in to Halloween so much! That's awesome! And I want to trick-or-treat at that house!!

  4. OH! to have fun at work xx I WISH xx