Monday, 12 March 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 23 & 24

Country Farm and Country Path are hanging out with me this week.

For those of you that haven't guessed, this is the case that I sort my mail into at the Kamloops Delivery Centre.

This is prior to starting my day.

This is after I have sorted the mail to be delivered for the day.  My route has 655 calls so can be a bit of a challenge to get ready to go.  This particular day was fairly light, so I had time to play!

And here is my mail all organized ready to head out to the truck for delivery for the day. Getting to this point is the hardest part of my job.  Going on the street and delivering is the best part.  More to come........

And now for a cute little craft idea that I found here.  I had made a couple of these for friends before I decided it was a great idea for a craft at our Postie Quilting Day.  The pattern calls for a 9 inch triangle.  I made ours 11 1/2 inches so that they would be a little bigger.  I also included batting so they would have a little more body.

I put my friends to work, and these are what they created.  Too much fun!  No more excuses for threads left laying around the house.


  1. Just make sure you do not post the new blocks.
    Interesting to see the other side of your quilting life.
    And the little thread catchers look great!

  2. Cute thread catchers Linda. Great gifts to make.

  3. Batting is a great idea - the one I made is a bit wobbly!

  4. All of your Farmers blocks are just lovely!! I didnt know you were a mail person...Cool!! And my guild made those little triangle cases too!!! They are making the rounds in the quilt world!! Hugs!!

  5. My cousin delivers the mail in Texas. Lots of members of my family worked for the US Post Office before they retired. Great job. Isn't it fun to make the thread catchers? I made 28 at one time.

  6. As usual, love the new squares. And the thread catchers are super, made one as soon as I saw the post.