Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sue Daley's New English Paper Piecing book

Sue has penned a book on English paper piecing, the easy way.  Instead of basting all the pieces with needle and thread, she has developed silk finish paper pieces that the fabric can be glued to.  Then when the pieces are joined together, the fabric is easy to separate from the paper for removal.

I received an advanced copy of the book at market.  I used some sample swatches I had received from Blackbird designs and a glue stick I begged from the United Notions booth, to start this pillow while still in Houston.  I stitched the pieces together on the plane, appliqued them to a background when I got home, and here is the result.  Sue uses some great shapes that I hadn't used before.

This is the table runner that is featured in the book along with the pillow.

This is the book.  It will be released in December.  Katja has ordered several copies.  Sonja is busily stitching the cover quilt into what will be another stunning sample.

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