Thursday 24 November 2011

Beginner Quilters

For several years I have been teaching a beginner quilting class at Katja's.  Tuesday night was the last class for the latest group of beginners.  And what a talented group they are.

Alba's quilt was fully quilted, and ready to use.  Just a little binding left to stitch down.

Elizabeth had used striped and polka dots.  The stripes were a bit of a challenge to make sure they were all going the same direction.  Elizabeth handled this no problem at all!

Melanie was trying real hard to hide behind her quilt.  I caught her peeking to see if I was done.

As you can tell by the smirk on her face, Shelly was proud of her quilt.

Sheila was getting to know her new sewing machine by trying out different feet to quilt her quilt.  She has to play with all her toys, after all, what is the use of having them if you don't get to play.

What a great group of women.  I enjoyed my evenings with them.  This however was my last evening beginner class.  I have passed the torch on to Nicole who is much younger and more able to handle the evening shift.  Good luck Nicole, I know you will do great.


  1. Nice post Linda. I am sure you got a lot of women started on their quilting journey. Enjoy retirement (?)

  2. That looks like it was a lot of fun, and the quilts all look great!

  3. Yes, Linda got me started many, many years ago and I am still enjoying it.
    Thanks Linda!!