Monday, 3 October 2011

Paulette's Lover's Knot Quilt

This wonderful hand pieced Lover's Knot quilt was made by Paulette.  Paulette is the Queen of scrap quilts and this beautiful quilt is a perfect example of the amazing work she does with scraps.

Roxy was kind enough to forward this picture to me from Paulette's Bits and Pieces class on Saturday.   The quilt is a wedding gift for Tom and Sarah.  I understand they were married a bit ago (Paulette made me promise not to tell how long ago.)  I'm sure they will love snuggling under their quilt this winter.

This quilt gave me lots of lovely spaces to fill with feathers.  The outlining  of the curve was a little tricky with my longarm, but I gave it my best shot.  I was so lucky to have the opportunity to work on this unique quilts.  Thanks Paulette!


  1. beautiful, as always Linda

  2. Lovely lovely feathers! Stunning!

  3. That quilting is amazing. What type of batting would be in this quilt? I usually use 100% cotton, but I think that the crinklage would obscure a design, and I've been dabbling in quilting designs beyond a stipple.

  4. Your quilting is lovely!, I am just starting to play with free motion quilting, and I look at what you have done and go faintly green round the edges!