Monday 17 October 2011

Mini Shop Hop

On the way to retreat this past weekend I completed a mini shop hop of all three Quilt Shops between my house and Sorrento.
To start off, I visited Heather's Fabic Shelf.  The shop is in the new Library building on Tranquille Road.

Heather, Bill and Herman own the Fabric Shelf.  A wonderful friend had given me a gift certificate for their shop, so I had to spend it!  Bill is very proud of his little smart car, wrapped like a quilt.

Next up was Katja's.  I was meeting Katja and Sonja here to go for tea, before we headed out of town.

Sharon and Carla were left in charge.   As you can see, they have a difference of opinion on where to purchase their favourite drink!

The last stop was Dianne Jannson's shop, Diversity.  The shop was very busy, with lots of women stopping on the way to retreat.  I'm sure quilters account for at least half the traffic in Pritchard.

All three shops are wonderful places to spend a little time, and yes, a little money too.

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