Thursday 18 August 2011

Wedding Dress Road Trip

Last Saturday Leslie, two of her bridesmaids, and myself, went on a road trip to Kelowna to go wedding dress shopping.  Now any good road trip has to start off with food, so Wendy's was the first stop.

The girls were trying to hide all the real fattening food by setting it on Leslie's car, but .......

The next stop was Starbucks in Vernon (an hour away) for a pee stop, and new drinks.  Then came the dress shop in Kelowna.  Off to our little waiting room to wait for Leslie to show us THE DRESS.

Of course I can't show you THE DRESS, but I can tell you Leslie looks beautiful in it!

Now to get out of THE DRESS a bridesmaid is sometime needed.  Not necessarily Heidi's best side, but fun anyways.

After stopping at Shopper's for more drinks, it was back on the road.  Falkland was the pee stop on the way back, and of course, more food.

The Petro Can in Falkland carries the black licorice cigars that I love.  Brianna doesn't like licorice, so I was force to eat two.  What can I say.

A great day with three wonderful young women.  Thanks for letting me join in!

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