Monday, 3 June 2019

June Rivervalley Block of the Month

June is here so this will be our last block for the year.

This block uses my favourite ruler, the Tri-Recs.  Not to worry if you don't have the ruler as I'll give you another option to make the block.

To start you will need a 3 1/2" strip of both background and feature fabric.  Also, a 6 1/2" square of background fabric.

From the feature fabric strip cut eight units using the Tri part of the ruler set.

Fold the background strip with wrong sides together and cut eight pairs using the Recs part of the ruler.

Line the pieces up as shown.

Sew the background piece to one side and then press the seam towards the background piece.

Sew the other side on and you have one Tri-Recs unit.  Make eight of these units.  From the background strip cut four 3 1/2" squares.

Sew two units together hopefully lining up your points a little better than I did.  Make four sets.

Lay out all the pieces of the block as shown and sew together.

I love the effect of curves without having sewn a curve.

If you don't have the ruler you can draw up the units on paper and foundation paper piece.

Draw a 3" square and add a mark at the top centre of the square.

Add lines from the corners as shown.

Add 1/4" seam allowance and number as shown.  Paper foundation piece to make the same units as the Tri-Recs ruler.

These two blocks are Paulette's interpretation of my rather vague instructions.  Love her colour choices on both of these.

Have fun and thanks for playing along!


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