Friday, 21 April 2017

Hoffman Digitals, Again!!!

Just in case you aren't into the Hoffman animal prints from the last post, here is one of their Christmas Digital prints.

The quilting is simple straight line quilting radiating out from the centre.

I had a lot of fun adding this border to the Halloween Digital print.  The quilting is ziggy lines once again, radiating out from the centre.

And a little more texture for today.  It really is all about the quilting, after all.  This delightful quilt is Bev's.   She wanted straight lines and something in the centre.  This is how I interpreted that.

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  1. Hey, Linda, just an FYI, you put the wrong link into Crazy Mom's linky, it goes back to her site. I googled all your info to find you :)

  2. Hi Linda, more beautiful quilting today. I love what you've done with those Digital prints.
    Awesome job gal.... I especially love my quilt. Thank you thank you...