Friday 18 November 2016

S.S. Bluebird by Cotton+Steel

S.S. Bluebird is a collaborative collection from Cotton + Steel. It came home from Market with me and was quickly turned into this quilt.

Something for everyone! I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite.  The Racoons, Whales and letters would be in the running.  The whole collection is fabulous.  I have used the Shadow Box pattern before and thought it worked well to show off the fabrics.  The quilting is simple wavy lines as I was on a pretty tight deadline.

I managed to finish twelve quilts in eight days.  They are all salesman samples for Trendtex fabrics.  The Cotton + Steel is released in January.  The Moda will be released in the spring.

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  1. Great shadow box quilt. I plan on making one someday. After all that quilting, you should be worn out.

  2. What fun fabrics and the quilt design shows them off so well. Lovely.

  3. Another amazing quilt Linda, this one is on my list.... some where. Lovely!

  4. This quilt is gorgeous! I love the quilting too. Wow that's a lot of finished quilts.

  5. Lovely result with the quilt from these fabrics. How did you get through so many quilts in such a short deadline?