Friday, 15 May 2015

A Quilt, a Bag and a Hike

What did you do this week?  I finished up a quilt, a bag and a hike.  Fabulous week by all accounts.

I couldn't resist hanging the bag in my Azalea.  The bag is from the book "Style and Swing" by Susan Dunlop.  I want to make every bag in the book, she makes it look so easy.  I used a little Jane Sassaman fabric to make the " Trendy Hipster Bag".

In the book it says to use fusible fleece behind the magnetic snap.  I fused two pieces of batting fused together and then put a small piece of plastic canvas on before the final metal tab was added.  I don't remember whose blog I got the plastic canvas idea from but I think it adds a lot of strength.  I worry about the snap pulling through the fabric.

One more shot of the bag at Katja's Shoppe, with the fabrics to the bottom left of the picture.  And what is it hanging next to?

The quilt that I dropped at the shoppe earlier in the week.  It is made from "Reel Time" by Zen Chic for Moda.  I put the pattern somewhere safe so I could give appropriate credit to the designer.  Unfortunately I don't remember where that is.  Katja does sell it at the store so you can always find it there.

This weeks Wednesday walk welcomed our newest Retiree to the group.  We walked to the "Trolls."  It wasn't a long walk but as always, stunning scenery. We were on the look out for Rattlesnakes, as we here they are out early this year.  Luckily, no sightings.

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  1. wow, I love that plastic canvas behind the snap tip! brilliant! thanks

  2. I love the bag you've made from my new book, it's fantastic. So pleased you're enjoying the projects. Love your fabric choices too! Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  3. Gorgeous bag and thanks for the tip.
    Love the quilt, too.
    That does look like a wonderful walk.

  4. Love the bag and also thanks for the tip for the magnetic closure .

  5. The plastic is a great idea for the snaps. Thanks.

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