Friday, 27 March 2015

Elizabeth Fry Quilts

A friend asked if I would help her get some quilts together for the Elizabeth Fry Society.  They are proudly opening a new transition house in Kamloops.  There will be four suites available for women and their children, for up to two years.

I went through my closet of quilts, and came up with a few that need to go to new homes.

My stack had eleven quilts, and Noeline's stack had seven.  The society was thrilled and hopefully has enough quilts for a couple of years.

This quilt I had been hanging on to the longest.  It was made with my Postie friends and was paper foundation pieced.  I love it and though it was time it was put to good use.

Obviously this was during my yellow and blue phase.  This was a sample showing blocks made with the Tri Recs Ruler.

Another class sample for a mystery quilt using the Easy Angle Ruler.

These three were samples made for Katja's to show fabric she was selling at the time.

These two were thrown in at the last minute when we were told that the first occupant of the suites had two teenage boys.  I was scrambling a bit so the second quilt is two pieces of fabric sewn together with a black border.  Not up to my usual standards, but cute none the less.

The other quilts in the stack are ones that I have shown before on the blog.

A quick reminder to those of you that live in Kamloops.  The CQA will be presenting the show "It's Time for Colour"  next Monday and Tuesday at Katja's.  If you have a minute pop into the classroom and check out the display!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Wow you certainly can see the change in quilts over time.

  2. Very generous of you to give your quilts to this very worthy cause , I applaud you and your friend .

  3. Awesome Linda and Noeline! Great cause. <3

  4. This is a lovely collection of quilts. You are very generous!
    They will be greatly appreciated.

  5. What a great idea to pass on your quilts for a worthy cause! I bet it was neat going through your quilts, thinking about the different styles/fabrics of the past years :-)

  6. What a blessing to them! Much appreciated I'm sure

  7. Glad the quilts are going to a good place. I'd love to donate more quilts to good causes, but, I don't machine quilt much.