Friday, 30 January 2015

Cotton + Steel Wrap Up

Today I am sharing the final two quilts that I made from the Fall 2014 collection of Cotton + Steel that arrived in local stores this month.

This quilt is from the book "Take 5 Fat Quarters" by Kathy Brown.  The pattern is called Drop Box.  I made the quilt from assorted fabrics, rather than just five as in the book.  I love the chain effect.

I am a little tired of just straight lines, so I decided to use an older fill in that I call Jungle Grass. It's a nice contrast to the boxes.

Easiest Quilt Ever is what I'm calling this pattern.  I started with twelve fat quarters and finished with a lot of slicing and dicing

I went with a circle in a circle to quilt this one.  An overall was all that was needed to hold the quilt together, and get it out the door quickly.  Both these quilts belong to Trendtex fabrics and have seen a lot more of Canada than I ever will.  I'm a little jealous.

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  1. Thanks for showing us the new lines, must have been fun to see them all in advance!

  2. Love that Cotton & Steel and your quilting is fabulous. The Jungle Grass motif looks great... I'm filing that one away for future use!

  3. I love the boxes in the first quilt. I think that you have had fun with all of these quilts/fabrics.

  4. They are both great and I always enjoy your wonderful quilting!!!

  5. They are sure lucky to have you Linda ; ) Are you rested and ready for a big one? lol

  6. Love the Drop Box Quilt, the colours are stunning. And your quilting is fabulous, as always!